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Rules and Information - Volleyball England

NVL Venues. Visit VolleyZone and sign in. On the left navigation bar click on 'Team Information'. Then click on 'My Opponents', this will direct you to a table which includes all the teams in your division and cup competition. You can then click on 'Columns ' on the top right of the page to add more ...

Volleyball England NVL regulations

Before competing in any Volleyball England competition, each team must: i. Be part of a Club properly affiliated to Volleyball England. ii. Have its coach, players and authorised bench personnel appropriately registered with Volleyball England. iii. Have paid any further competitions fees that may be in force by the specified deadlines.

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Volleyball scoring, rules and officials - Volleyball ...

Volleyball England, the recognised national governing body for volleyball, beach volleyball and sitting volleyball in England specifies the following rules: An official volleyball court is 18 m × 9 m. To start a point, the server can serve from anywhere behind the end line, either overarm or ...

Volleyball Rules and Regulations 2021 | FIVB for Beginners

Rules of Volleyball Object of playing Volleyball Game. The main aim in the game is to hit or send the volleyball over the net. Players try... Players in Volleyball. Volleyball rules and regulations allow two teams to play the game. Each team can have no more... Basic Rules of Volleyball UK for ...

Volleyball England

The opposing team is allowed a maximum of three touches on their side of the court before they must send the ball back over the net. The player cannot touch the ball twice in two consecutive touches but could on the first and third contact.

Rules 20-21: Conduct and misconduct - Volleyball England

Let's Talk Rules returns for its 10th session on Wednesday, 5th May to discuss Rules 20 and 21. Beginning at 7.15pm, presenter Nick Heckford, Lead for the Officials Working Group, will cover requirements of conduct, misconduct and its sanctions at the webinar.

Rules 25, 26: scorer and assistant scorer - Volleyball England

Yes, please head to Volleyball England’s YouTube channel to re-watch the webinars. Questions. If you have any questions about the event or the rules to be discussed, please send them to nick.heckford@btinternet.com beforehand or use the chat function during the session.

Volleyball England

Training and warm-up activities are designed to limit face to face-to-face proximity of less than one-metre for more than three seconds at a time. There are no congratulatory touches or handshakes. Participants are encouraged to touch elbows or bow instead. Officials continue using electronic whistles.