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The Ancient Origins of Handball, And Its Popularity in Modern ...

Handball is one of the oldest known ball games, first originating in Ancient Rome. Roman women pioneered the handball technique in a game called expulsim ludere, while Roman men preferred a more rugby-like game called hapastum. The popularity of the game spread through European countries during the Roman conquest.

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Handball game highlights video. Handball (also known as team handball, European handball or Olympic handball) is a team sport in which two teams of seven players each (six outcourt players and a goalkeeper) pass a ball using their hands with the aim of throwing it into the goal of the other team. A standard match consists of two periods of 30 ...

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Handball has origins from many different countries. By the late 19th century, handball was being played in Germany, Scandinavia, Czech Republic, and Ukraine. The first evidence of handball goes back to long before, however. The women of the Roman Empire played a game similar to handball, which they called expulsim ludere.

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Handball debuted as an Olympic sport in the XI Olympiad, in Berlin 1936 – yet under the auspices of the International Association of Athletics Federation – IAAF (International Olympic ...

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Apparition du handball en France. D’origine allemande, il est d’abord importé en Alsace et en Lorraine.

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Handball origine. 699 mots 3 pages. Montre plus. On retrouve déjà des traces de jeux ayant certaines similitudes avec le handball : à l’époque Grèque avec les "Jeux d’Uranie" décrits par Homère dans l’Odyssée, à l’époque Romaine avec le jeu de l’"Harapston " représenté sur les dessins du médecin Claudius Galenus, 130 à 200 après J.C, au Moyen Age ou le jeu "Fangballspiel" était chanté par le troubadour Walther von der Volgelweide (1170 1230).

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Le handball est très peu pratiqué avant la Seconde Guerre mondiale en France, mais en septembre 1941 on assiste à la mise en place, avec l’aide du régime de Vichy, d’une fédération française autonome. De plus, le handball fait son entrée dans les programmes du sport scolaire.

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Handball was created in Germany as Field Handball in the late 19th century, which was initially called “Torball“, which was a game derived from two other games created by Konrad Koch the “Raffball” and the “Konigsbergerball”. According to Nogueira (2004) “Torball” was a sport widely practiced by young women in a field measuring ...