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The ability to quickly change direction is very important for basketball. In addition to a simple agility test, you could also incorporate a ball into the testing as all movement on the court is performed while dribbling the ball. The 505 agility test measures the ability to change direction 180 degrees. A 90-degree turn test would also be suitable for basketball.

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Johnson Basketball Test (cont) 1: Field Goal Speed Test. • Starting at any position under the basket in any position he desires. • Throws as many basket as he can in 30 seconds. • 1 basket = 1 point 5. Johnson Basketball Test (cont) • Basketball throw for accuracy.

Physiology of Basketball - Field Tests. Review Article

The literature offers a number of widely used tests to measure aerobic and anaerobic fitness. This article reviews the physiological demands of basketball and analyzes the field tests commonly used at present. The article emphasizes the need for a specific test that will serve coaches and physical fitness trainers in monitoring their players.

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The validity of the tests was assessed by relating the scores to the players' classification and competition standard, and rating of coach and player. Six field tests' test-retest showed good reliability (Intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC) = 0.80–0.97), while the pass-for-accuracy, free throws, lay-up and spot shot showed weak to moderate reliability (ICC = 0.26–0.67). Most tests showed moderate to good validity (r > 0.60). The results suggest that wheelchair basketball field tests ...

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The player shall make as many field goals as described above in one one-minute trial. SCORING. Two points are awarded for each field goal made within the one-minute trial. STAGING. Volunteers...

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Session 1 was performed in the sports hall used for the training sessions. It consisted of 4 field tests presented in this order: VJ, 20-m sprint, agility T test, and suicide run. Vertical Jump Test. The most frequent tests employed by basketball coaches are jump tests because they are easy to set and simple to interpret . The VJ test was performed in this study, starting in a standing position with both feet together.

Physiology of Basketball – Field Tests. Review Article

Type of field tests Endurance tests (Aerobic) Neuromuscular tests (Anaerobic) Cooper 5/10 m sprints from a standing start Yo-Yo endurance 20/30 m sprint test from a standing start

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Sport Specific Tests. AFL — Running Vertical Jump, Reaction Time, Sprint Recovery Test, Agility. Boxing — Quick Strike, Punching Speed and Punching Power. Baseball — Sprint test from home to first base. Basketball — Lane Agility, Sprint 3/4 Court, Max Touch, reactive shuttle. Cricket — Run-a-Three, 17.68 Sprint.

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Sport Specific Performance Tests. With so many tests to choose from, it can be confusing when selecting appropriate tests for a sport. Below I have identified a selection of sports and suggested a possible test to evaluate each athlete's fitness components.