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Kindergarten Basketball Drills Fingertip Drill. Line players up on the court with a basketball in their hands. On your mark, instruct each player to... Stationary Dribbling. According to Jim Garland, author of "The Baffled Parent's Guide to Great Basketball Drills,"... Triangle Passing. The Triangle ...


Skills Drills (15 minutes) 1. Introduce, demonstrate and explain how to dribble without los-ing control. 2. Have your players practice dribbling without losing control. Description Individual—Players should stand apart from each other (allow 15 seconds for them to move to their own space); on a signal, they stop and catch the ball quickly on a signal.

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Drill #4: Basic Ball Handling. Practicing ball handling skills is very important to learn in basketball. The most exposure a 5-year-old has to basketball in most cases is shooting a toy ball into a kid’s basketball hoop. That’s why ball-handling is crucial to learning the game!

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Top 5 Fun Basketball Drills for Kids #1. War. A fun spin on classic 1 on 1 matchups, incorporating reaction time and developing a players’ ability to perform... #2. Worm. A physical, competitive basketball drill for kids - where success will come down to effort, toughness, and... #3. All Star ...

73 Basketball Drills for Players and Coaches (2021 Update)

This is a great basketball drill for players to practice shooting with perfect form and also a for coaches to teach and correct shooting form. Setup: Players form three lines a couple of feet out from the basket. Use both ends of the court if possible so that kids get to take more shots. Every players has a basketball. How it Works:

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57 Youth Basketball Drills and Games for Kids - Ages 7 to 14

3 Drills for Cutting and Screening - These are foundational drills for teaching your players how to move without the basketball. 2. String Spacing - Dribble at Wing - This teaches your players how to move to an open spot when dribble penetration occurs.

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1) 4 teams of 8 – 10 kids practicing on one basketball court. 2) 40 basketballs all bouncing at the same time on one basketball court. 3) The screams of 40 kids all yelling on one basketball court. Do you know how loud that all is? Very, very loud. Your team will not be able to hear you. Assuming they were trying to listen anyway.

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Fingertip Basketball Drill for Kids from Live Strong teaches kindergartners to handle the ball well so they are able to hold onto it during play. Kids have a turn to pass the ball low down and high up.