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2021-03-18 10:43:58

Everyone knows that if the machine is out of service for a long time, some protective measures must be taken to prevent the machine from rusting and aging. The same is true for vertical injection molding machines. So, what should be paid attention to when the vertical injection molding machine is out of service for a long time? The following vertical injection molding machine manufacturers will introduce to you.

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To clean the raw material powder, oil stains, water stains, dust, unnecessary adhesion on the cleaning machine table, it is best to apply a layer of protective oil after cleaning, this is rust-proof and guaranteed.,betting 5

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888 casino lightning roulette,1. Please replace it in time if it is used in the first year

2. Check the quality of hydraulic oil, whether it meets the specifications,bambolim india

3. If the hydraulic oil has deteriorated, please replace and clean the oil tank,free online strip blackjack

fifa international friendlies 2021,4. Hydraulic oil reference specifications

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1. Cooler cleaning,dafabet paypal

lecce fc,2. Cooling ring cleaning

7m baseball,3. Cooling tower cleaning

Fourth. Mechanical structure of inspection injection molding machine:

dafabet malaysia review,1. Are the screws and nuts loose?

2. Template balance check,rummy hd

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888 casino lightning roulette,1. Check whether each connection point is loose, and whether the fixed socket is loose?

famous kabaddi players of india,2. Check whether the electrical signs are complete

3. Check whether the electrical appliances are aging,soccer bag nz

football match live,4. Please use volatile cleaner to clean oil, water and dust.

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